Facebook Debuts Additional Measurement Tools to Help Gain Advertiser Trust

It will release metrics every month

Facebook plans to release additional ad metrics every month.
Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Sources: Getty Images, Facebook

In the latest move to win over advertisers’ wavering trust, Facebook will begin offering additional campaign metrics and other measurement tools.

The social network said it plans to begin launching a series of features every month in the hopes of providing more “transparency and understanding” about how ads work on the platform. The first set, announced today, include metrics related to how ads increase web site traffic by measuring how many people actually click on an ad and then visit a landing page. According to Facebook, mobile websites that are slow to load often keep people from actually visiting a site after they click on an ad. However, the company said the updates will more accurately track traffic and illustrate the importance of mobile optimization.

Another new feature will be able to tell whether a person who clicks on an ad has had any previous experience with the brands. The feature, called a “pre-impression activity breakdown,” will arrive in a few weeks and will compare new visitors to previous ones. (This is done by understanding whether a website triggered a pixel to a specific user or whether that user had any app activity with a specific business.)

Along with the metrics features, Facebook is also introducing three additional reporting metrics for Pages. One will break down how many follows a page gets over time, along with where followers came from and what their demographics are. It’ll also show both organic and paid follows. Another tool will show how many people previewed a page without clicking on it, while a third will show how many times a person recommends a page to their friends.

The latest updates come as Facebook continues to try and rebuild trust after a series of counting errors inflated or otherwise misreported campaign metrics. And while Facebook and advertisers have said the errors were minor and fixable, it’s led to the company taking a more comprehensive approach for how it talks about campaign measurement.

Just last month, Facebook held a press event to talk about how it approaches metrics. At the meeting, Facebook invited marketing execs for Airbnb and Pepsi to talk about how they approach metrics and overall marketing on the platform. (Airbnb data science manager Alok Gupta said the company plans to spend only where it can measure.)

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