OneRiot Begins Indexing Facebook Data

It was only six months ago we reported OneRiot adding MySpace user content to its aggregated search results. Today, the search engine and advertising marketplace for the real time web announced its search API now includes Facebook data. Influenced by millions of additional users from Facebook, OneRiot search results can now reflect the pulse of a much broader social web.

Facebook users who publicly share links on their profiles, or “like” stories across the web, are contributing to the ranking of real time search results available through OneRiot’s API. To date, OneRiot has been indexing the links shared on popular social networking sites like Twitter, MySpace and Digg to help determine its search results. With the addition of Facebook shares, OneRiot will be analyzing shares from a diverse global base of half-a-billion social networkers with which to index its search results according to its calculations of current relevance and popularity.

“The addition of Facebook shares is an important update for the OneRiot API,” said OneRiot President Tobias Peggs. “To offer developers the best real time search experience, we have to have the best understanding of what the whole social web cares about, right now. Facebook shares and likes give us key insights into what those things are.”

OneRiot is also unveiling a new program with additional revenue opportunities for its more than 100 third-party developers of real time web applications using the company’s RiotWise real time advertising system. According to the company, the system, also part of its API, now employs “self-optimizing algorithms” to determine which ads will be displayed to third-party applications based on the behavior of their users. The self-optimizer is trained to increase click-through rates on the ads in real time, with the objectives of increasing revenue for developers and driving better customer engagement.

OneRiot partners include UberTwitter (Twitter client for Blackberry), Taptu (mobile search engine) and Digsby (social messaging desktop application).

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