Facebook data gives the World Series edge to Boston Red Sox

With a 3-2 lead over the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, it looks like the Boston Red Sox are primed to win baseball’s highest title, thanks to their fans — not the ones at the games, but the ones on Facebook. Stats from Expion, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer in pages, apps and insights, show that the most active fanbases in the Major League Baseball playoffs were the ones that advanced to the next round.

If things keep to this pattern, then the Red Sox will win their third World Series title of the decade.

Here’s a chart showing Facebook fan actions from Oct. 1 through 23. It’s interesting to note that the teams that generated the higher amount of Facebook fan actions won their matchups.

Expion Chief Marketing Officer Mike Heffring talked with Inside Facebook about what the Red Sox and Cardinals have done to find success on Facebook. He said that the franchises that performed better on the field tended to also post more often to Facebook. But images were the key reason for winning on the social network, according to Heffring:

The main thing I notice is they had these really action-oriented pictures and a lot of fan celebration and recognition. A lot of the pictures they were using were interesting shots, or action shots or recognition of certain players and playing some of the player stuff that was there. Before, (they’d) build up interest in the game and then afterward, celebrating it and highlighting the action through pictures.

Here’s a more in-depth chart breaking down the Facebook performance of the MLB playoff teams. The Red Sox have — by a large amount — the most Facebook fans of any playoff team, and have also posted most often. Boston leads St. Louis in fans, posts, fan actions and fan actions per post.

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Top image courtesy of the Boston Red Sox Facebook page.