Facebook Currency Arrives

MyBucksThis is potentially huge. Aryeh Goldsmith, who keeps pumping out applications, has just built a new application which helps you manage your Facebook currency, or “Facebucks.” Currently, the only way to earn additional Facebucks is through inviting other friends to use the application. There is the potential for a currency exchange market similar to Second Life’s. While Second Life’s currency is used to purchase virtual items, I could see Facebook’s Facebucks (say that 3-times fast) being used to purchase real-world items. While this is in its infancy, there is a huge potential for a real Facebook marketplace (different then their existing marketplace which is classified ads), Facebook auctions, etc. If a small group of people started using Facebucks as actual currency, widespread adoption would be plausible. At the current time this is bordering on fantasy world but hey, it’s possible. If you want to be part of the Facebook financial revolution go grab the My Bucks application.