Facebook CTO Jumps Ship

We’ve heard a lot about the Google executives leaving the search giant to go join Facebook but we haven’t heard much about people quitting Facebook. Kara Swisher is reporting that Adam D’Angelo, Facebook’s CTO, will be leaving the company. Over the past few days I have been hearing an increasing amount of buzz about increasing tension among executives over at Facebook.

Much of the tension revolves around the hiring of the new Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. According to one source I spoke with, Chamath Palihapitiya used to be the number two in command and in any important decisions which Zuckerberg needed support on he would turn to Chamath. Sheryl has since replaced Chamath as the number two and it has created some interesting unresolved tension among the company execs.

While we don’t have many more details about what’s going on over at Facebook among the execs, Kara Swisher states that “Facebook will not be replacing the CTO role, sources said, but has a search underway for a VP of Engineering.” Facebook has non-stop changes taking place among the top brass and I would imagine that this will continue as Sheryl Sandberg tries to make some changes within the organization. It’s ironic that this news takes place while Mark Zuckerberg is travelling abroad. I think we all know who’s leading the company when he’s not around …

Check out Eric Eldon’s post for his take on things.

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