Facebook Crosses 130 Million Global Active Users, Closes US Gap with MySpace

Facebook this week crossed another major growth milestone, announcing that the number of active users on the site (users who have visited in the last 30 days) now stands at a whopping 130 million.

Facebook’s active user numbers have grown 30% since it crossed 100 million in August. Since the beginning of the year, Facebook global active users have more than doubled, with significant growth coming both in the US and internationally.

Now that’s viral growth!

In addition, Compete just released their November US numbers for Facebook and MySpace. Compete estimates MySpace November uniques at 56.4 million, up 2.7% from October, and Facebook November uniques at 49.4 million, up 10.7% since October. For the year, Facebook’s US traffic is up 70%, while MySpace’s is down 14%.

While Facebook is still trailing MySpace in terms of monthly US uniques by just over 10%, it looks like the lines are going to cross soon…

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