Facebook Cross-Promotion Network Applifer Adds Game Portal

Applifier, a cross-promotion network for games on Faceook, has launched a games portal application this as part of its “leveling the playing field” strategy the company shared with us in September.

At that time, Applifier CEO Jussi Laakkonen told us that larger developers like Zynga and Playfish were better able to build and maintain games portfolios. The goal with the cross-promotion bar was to give games from smaller developers access to similar tools that Zynga built for its own games. The newly-launched Games on Applifier service furthers that goal by providing developers even more tools similar to the ones Zynga uses in its games, like an inbox system that allows developers to provide players with consistent updates on content, events, and social activities. The inbox tool will be live on the service in about two weeks.

On the end-user side, Games on Applifier provides users a game discovery tool that recovers some of the virality lost when Facebook clamped down on games publishing stories to the news feeds in September. The service groups games from participating developers into categories Top Games, For You, Favorites, and Friends. Top Games displays what’s most popular across Applifier’s network, while the remaining tabs use demographic information and algorithms to sift through what you and your friends games to determine which you like best.

Based on this data, Games on Applifier makes recommendations of new games “for you,” and displays what your friends are playing much like Amazon will tell you what other customers who bought the same item as you also purchased.

Example: We signed up for the app and went to the For You tab, which immediately asked our age and gender. After filling those in, the tab suggested Salon Street and City Wars. The first appears to align with the demographic information we entered while the latter could speak to just how much time we’ve been logging in CityVille.

Applifier CEO Jussi Laakkonen told us that the company plans to constantly refine the discovery algorithms in the coming weeks based on user feedback. Additionally, users can also alter settings to appear virtually invisible to other Games on Applifier users if they’re not comfortable sharing their games preferences with others. “We care about the user before the publisher,” Laakkonen said. “The user is always in control [of the experience.]”

Even so, Applifier’s service to developers is significant. The service represents over 100 games and apps with a reach of 55 million monthly active users. Developers can install the cross-promotion bar for free and Applifier takes a commission on any clicks exchanged through the network. In the next week or so, Laakkonen tells us, a new Applifier cross-promotion bar will display personalized recommendations and top lists.

You can follow Games on Applifier’s post-launch progress on AppData.