Facebook CRM: 10 Best and Worst Brands

T-Mobile and Target lead pack of telecoms and retailers, per Socialbakers

T-Mobile and Target were the most devoted brands in the U.S. to customer-relationship managment (CRM) on Facebook during Q4 2012, per a report today from Socialbakers.

For dozens of global brands, the Prague-based social media analytics firm crunched their raw number of Facebook fans by how often they responded to consumer posts to how long the companies' reply took. For instance, T-Mobile USA (2.5 million fans) answered Facebook posts 87 percent of the time and took 77 minutes on average to produce a reply.

Target, with its 21.4 million Facebook fans, answered 66 percent of the time and took 193 minutes to reply. Best Buy, Virgin Mobile USA and Redbox round out the top five, per Socialbakers.

The analytics firm's research also sheds light on brands that don't appear to value Facebook CRM as much. The worst five actors, in order, were Netflix, Samsung Mobile USA, AT&T, Macy's and GameStop, according to Socialbakers.

The full top 10 lists, with data: