Facebook Announces New Sources Of Credits

Facebook is pushing further into the credits business, promoting other ways that users can earn them through real-world and virtual transactions.

The Facebook Credits page yesterday posted this update: “Besides getting Facebook Credits in your favorite apps, do you know that there are also other ways to get them? Thanks to Plastic Jungle, Rixty, Inc., Booyah, and Games.com, get Credits by exchanging gift cards, turning in spare change, checking into locations, and entering a sweepstake. This week, be on the lookout as we feature these other ways.”
Although the social networking site has announced it would kill off the gift shop in August, where users can buy virtual goods to put on their friends’ walls, Facebook Credits are still big business within games such as Zynga’s Farmville where they can be used as a virtual currency to buy game cash.
Facebook has recently been giving away free Facebook credits to users to encourage people to use them – since the virtual currency has no value in the real world. Recently the company also announced a partnership with MOL in Asia to allow people to buy Facebook Credits in 7-11 stores and cybercafes.