Facebook creates new requirements for PMD program

Facebook today announced that it will once again accept new applications to the Preferred Marketing Developer Program, but with two key changes. Applicants must be referred by a Facebook employee or an existing PMD and there will be additional requirements for earning badges.

Current PMDs will have six months to ensure that they meet the new standards for maintaining their badges.

Earlier this year Facebook had temporarily closed its PMD program to new candidates, while it reconsidered its requirements and overall process as a result of the volume of applications it was receiving. The company periodically revises its criteria for entry and for awarding its qualification badges in ads, apps, insights and pages. This time around it is putting more emphasis on skills and software related to advertising and reporting.

Now, developers who want to join the program will have to be referred by either a Facebook employee or a PMD with an ads badge. Facebook says it is limiting referrals to ads-qualified PMDs because it wants PMDs to have experience advising advertisers on media spend since a combination of paid, earned and owned media is important to a marketer’s success on the platform.

Overall, Facebook will be looking for developers to be able to advise marketers on ad spend, even if they’re primarily focused on an area like apps or insights. As for specific badge requirements, pages PMDs must be able to implement basic page and post insights along with the ability to boost page posts with paid media. Ads PMDs must implement basic page and post insights, as well as offer clients an external interface with a number of required features. Apps PMDs must demonstrate support with Facebook media and be able to provide clients with advanced app insights reporting. Insights PMDs will need to be able to offer ads insights if requested by clients.

These changes are effective immediately for new applicants, but existing badge holders will have until October to adjust.

Facebook introduced its Preferred Marketing Developer program in April 2012, as a combination of what had been separate Preferred Developer Consultant and Marketing API programs. There are now more than 260 members in more than 35 countries.

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