Facebook creates new collage layout for photos section of Timeline

Facebook today announced changes to the photos section of Timeline that makes photos larger and easier to interact with.

Users can also highlight particular photos, similar to how they do on Timeline, to make them stand out among other images. Facebook tells us these changes will apply to personal profiles as well as fan pages, as it rolls out over the next few weeks.

Now when users click Photos at the top of a personal profile or fan page, they will see larger photos that fill up the page. A menu at the top makes it easy to switch between photos of a user, photos a person has shared and albums they’ve created.

On their own pages, users can click the star button to highlight photos and make them four times bigger. This option makes the photos page more dynamic and collage-like. Users and pages will likely appreciate the additional control they’ll have in showcasing their images and telling their stories. Google+ users will find the design familiar.

On Facebook, hovering over images brings up the title, buttons to Like and comment, and the number of people who have engaged with the photo already. Previously, users did not get any additional information about a photo until they clicked on it. This change could encourage users to interact with more photos as they browse.

This is the what the previous layout looked like for photos: