Facebook Adds Contra Code Easter Egg

Remember the Nintendo game Contra from years ago? Facebook has decided to use the Contra secret code as a special easter egg for users. When you visit the site and enter the code up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter, you will be presented with a screen flare that pops up on the page. I’ve embedded a video demo below which shows me entering the code and achieving the desired result.

The code needs to be entered on any page that you’d like the effect to take place but it appears to work anywhere on the site. Earlier this week, ESPN.com used the same code to randomly display unicorns any time a person clicked on the page. It was a pretty funny trick but it disappeared after a few hours. Facebook is known for their numerous easter eggs and this appears to be the most recent addition.

It’s a funny trick but one has to wonder what other easter eggs are lying around the site. For those unaware of the concept of Easter eggs, they are small code modifications on a site left by a developer meant to entertain those users (or the developers) who are exploring random locations of that site.

I previously wrote about other Easter Eggs on Facebook’s site. Most recently I posted about a few tricks found in Facebook photos. Interestingly enough those Easter Eggs still exist and there continues to be more found every once in a while.

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