Facebook Continuing Mobile Push, In Talks With Nokia

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook and Nokia are currently in talks to integrate social networking features in to a large number of Nokia handsets. According to the article, “Nokia is deciding whether it wants to team up with an established Web player like Facebook, based in Palo Alto, Calif., or to build a social network from the ground up, said people familiar with the talks.”

As Om Malik reported yesterday, Facebook’s future is clearly in mobile. Two weeks ago I wrote about how Facebook has over 4 million daily mobile users. It’s an impressive number which is only growing faster by the day. Many large web players are realizing that the real battle is over our mobile devices as that’s where the vast majority of web interaction will take place in the future.

Despite Twitter’s “future death“, the company is growing like a wild fire and one can assume that much of that growth is due to the company’s mobile roots. Apparently Facebook’s talks with Nokia are much more complex then a basic integration. As the Wall Street Journal points out, “Nokia doesn’t want the service to provide Facebook with an avenue to compile data about cellphone users”.

Why doesn’t Nokia just release a platform similar to Android or the iPhone? While there is an existing Nokia mobile application directory, it’s far behind the leading mobile application platforms. Facebook already has a large mobile presence through their partnerships with Blackberry and Palm, in addition to their iPhone application. One thing that is still lacking is an Android application but that still stems back to the tension between Google and Facebook.

For now it appears that the Wall Street Journal has little information aside from confirmation that the two companies are in talks. Something’s bound to come of this in the near future though as we have only seen the beginning of Facebook’s mobile growth.

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