Facebook Continues To Take Over World [Image]

An updated map which was recently published by Vincenzo Cosenza illustrates the ongoing global expansion of Facebook. While it has only been eight months since he last published the “World Map Of Social Networks”, the updated map shows Facebook continuing to gain ground over local competitors abroad. While Facebook has yet to take over Brazil, the map shows Facebook overtaking Orkut in India.

The statistics are based on Alexa, a global internet traffic reporting service, and while the service has provided questionable data in the past, it’s a good overall indicator of how sites are performing. In this case it illustrates Facebook’s ongoing expansion and domination over localized competitors. Right now Facebook’s ads system suggests that Facebook has just under 10 million users in India which has a total internet population of 81 million (via Internet World Statistics).

For Facebook to win over Brazil and India will be significant as it will effectively eliminate the last places where Google-owned Orkut has served as the primary social network. You can view a comparison of Facebook’s growth since September in the chart below.