Facebook continues Offers test with ‘remind me’ button now on mobile

Facebook is continuing its test with a few global retailers to make Offers more effective in generating online sales. Part of this includes a new “remind me” button on offers that appear in the mobile feed.

When we found Facebook is testing a new version of Offers in February, the options to shop immediately or get a reminder before the promotion ends were only available on desktop. Now we’ve seen this on mobile, too. The “remind me” button could be especially useful here since the prominence of mobile ads leads to a lot of clicks, but users might not be as likely to complete a purchase on their phones.

When users click on this story in the feed, they’re taken to a page with two options: “Remind Me” and “Shop Now.”

After choosing “Remind Me,” users will be sent an email and at a later date will be reminded with a notification on Facebook. It is up to each retailer when they will remind users about their promotion, but they can only send one notification per offer. When users click “Shop Now,” they will be taken directly to a retailer’s website.

Previously, users could only select “Get Offer,” which sent users an email with information on how to redeem the offer, but these could be easily forgotten. Now in addition to getting a reminder, users can visit their Offers section, which includes all current and expired offers. The “Remind Me” and “Shop Now” options are only available for retailers working directly with Facebook for this test, but offers from any business will be visible in the Offers section, as seen below. This section is also available on mobile, but the mobile version only includes offers that are still eligible for use.

Another difference with the new Offers posts is that the interface lets users decide if and when to share the offer with friends. After users select “Remind me,” they will have an option to “Tell Friends.” Their activity won’t be shared unless they click this button. Previously, whenever a user clicked “Get Offer,” it generated a story in friends’ feeds and in the recent activity section of their Timeline.