Facebook Contest: Win a 2-year Lease on a Ford Mustang

Just in time for the LA auto show, Ford announced a new contest today on Facebook asking their fans to name their new performance package. The prize? A two-year lease on the new 2012 Ford Mustang.

Just in time for the LA auto show, Ford has announced a new contest today on Facebook.

The request? Submit your idea for the best name describing the Ford Mustang V6 Performance Package (the package includes features like 19-inch wheels and upgrades to the breaking system).

The prize? A two-year lease on the new 2012 Ford Mustang complete with the performance package bearing the name you selected.

The Ford Mustang fan page currently has more than 950,000 members. The way the contest works is this: You can suggest a name on the fan page and then are directed to fill out a contest entry form (name, address, etc). Once your entry is submitted you can then reach out to your friends to vote on your entry, or you can cast your own vote.

Sidenote: I like that I didn’t have to “like” the page to submit a name.

A gallery on the Facebook page lets visitors see all the names that were submitted. After the five top names have been selected by the Facebook community, Ford will then choose their favorite and voila – Ford has a name for their product and someone wins a sweet car, however temporarily.

“We’re utilizing the power of social media to not only talk about what a fantastic package this is, but to also let Mustang fans across the country share a piece of it,” said Brian McClary, Ford social and emerging media specialist in a press release.

Contest closes mid-December. Submit your entry here.

Would you participate in a social media contest like this? Have you ever entered a Facebook contest?