Facebook Connection Leads To Wife's Murder-For-Hire

An angry wife sought to get revenge on her ex spouse, so she called upon a Facebook friend to put a hit on him.

An angry wife sought to get revenge on her ex spouse, so she called upon a Facebook friend to put a hit on him. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

Facebook is not a murder-for-hire social networking site as Christine Metter, the spurned wife found out.

Patrick Sabo told a Willoughby, Ohio judge that former high school friend Metter, whom he had reconnected with on Facebook, saw red whenever she mentioned her ex’s name.

She claimed that her husband had physically abused her throughout their marriage. When Sabo made a wisecrack how Metter should put a hit on her ex, she took him quite literally.

Metter thought that Sabo could execute her plan to kill her hubby, who lived near Atlanta, because he is an ex member of the elite U.S. Army Rangers. Metter brought in her dad, Al Zombory, 76, who lives in Beachwood, Ohio to assist with the details of the plot. Metter, her father and Sabo all agreed to meet for dinner to iron out the specifics for the hit.

Sabo testified at a preliminary hearing that he simply “played along” with the intent of notifying police, after his meeting with Metter and Zombory.

Sabo stated that it was Zombory who actually offered him the payment to kill Metter’s ex, $50,000 from life insurance money to perform the deed.

Upon sealing the deal, Sabo contacted Eastlake police and informed them of Metter’s arrangements with him to kill her husband and they in turn put a detective in place to seal the deal.

When the decoy detective showed Metter, that he had in fact killed her husband by doctoring up a photo to make him appear dead, the 40-year-old woman, devoid of any emotion, responded, “Good.”

The detective also testified, that Metter had asked, if he had made the death look like a mugging or accident and he then informed her, that he had shot the ex in the head as she requested. According to the detective, it was Zombory who gave him a $100,000 life insurance policy as payment for the staged hit.

Metter and her accomplice father were cuffed last Friday as soon as the detective got paid for the fake murder. The daughter-dad duo are charged with conspiracy to commit murder, a first-degree felony, and are being held in a Lake County jail on $500,000 cash bonds.

Facebook might not be all good but all should be in good fun — if you do something malicious on the site, anything you put in writing could be used against you.

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