Facebook Connect Surpasses 100,000 Users

When Facebook Connect launched three weeks ago many were awaiting the rapid spread of third-party support around the web. As of today, there are over 100,000 active users across Facebook Connect applications. While some of the users are overlapping, it’s a significant milestone for the service. So far there have been few large supporters, Joost being the largest so far. According to our statistics, Joost is about to surpass 13,000 Facebook Connect enabled subscribers. Vimeo is a distant second with around 6,000 Connect enabled subscribers but adoption at Vimeo doesn’t appear to be slowing.

Where are all the big publishers though? Hulu, Digg, Twitter, and many others pledged their support for Facebook Connect a while ago but so far none have launched the service. Our guess is that the companies are still fleshing out the bugs which are still clearly present. The launch of Facebook Connect on a large publisher could easily push the adoption well above 1 million users.

The beginning of Facebook Connect hasn’t been as quick as I personally would have expected but then again, it’s been a lot quicker than MySpace ID. Google Friend Connect appears to be gaining traction as well and holding up against Facebook Connect but as I’ve already said, the real battle is for large publishers. It appears that many are sitting on the sidelines until there is substantial data that indicates a significant benefit from Facebook Connect.

On our site we’ve most definitely seen an increase in activity as a result of Facebook Connect but that’s not surprising considering our site is all about Facebook. We will keep tracking the growth of Facebook Connect over the coming weeks and months to let you know what sort of growth the service is experiencing. Have you implemented Facebook Connect for your site yet? Do you plan on doing so?