Facebook Connect Making Blog Comments More Authentic

In the few days since Facebook Connect launched, we’ve noticed something: blog commenting is becoming more authentic. The presence of trusted Facebook identity is creating a context for more meaningful conversation on the web.

For example, when Facebook Connect launched on Inside Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, several people at Facebook, and dozens of people in the industry commented on Inside Facebook for the first time. Why? Because for the first time, Facebook Connect has enabled real identity on the web. In other words, everyone knows who’s actually talking.

What does that mean for online discussion?

  1. If your comments are connected to your Facebook identity, you’re not going to publish things you might say anonymously.
  2. Because comments connected to a Facebook identity are connected to a real person with a reputation (usually), they are more trustworthy (at least to the extent of that person’s reputation).

In other words, over time, Facebook Connect is going to slowly increase the authenticity and quality of conversation across the web. While this has been the goal of many identity systems for a long time, Facebook Connect has the potential to make it a reality more powerfully than ever before.