Facebook Connect Goes International

This afternoon Facebook announced that Facebook Connect is now able to extend their service to 64 languages and locales. When developers implement social widgets, they will be able to decide which language they’d like to have as the default. Implementing Facebook Connect in another language is extremely easy, requiring the developer to only modify the include source of the Facebook Connect script.

It would also be interesting to see this system automatically determine the visitor’s default Facebook language and cater to that, however that’s not something that has been implemented yet. It’s not a huge upgrade, but it’s definitely important as Facebook expands their user base internationally. With over 250 million users and growing quickly, Facebook decided to crowd source their translation to make the process more efficient.

Developers can also choose to use Facebook’s translations application to make their applications available in multiple languages. According to Facebook, Connect has been implemented on 15,000 sites, devices, and applications so far. If you want to read more about the internationalization of Facebook Connect, check out the developer blog post.

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