Facebook Connect for iPhone Now Live – First Apps Released (Updated)

Last summer, Facebook originally announced that it was bringing Facebook Connect to the iPhone. This morning it’s launching, and several popular iPhone apps are live with Facebook Connect integration in the iPhone app store, including apps and games from Playfish, SGN, Flixster, Urbanspoon, Tapulous, Whrrl, Zynga, and Binary Game.

Facebook Connect makes it easy for iPhone app and game developers to authenticate users through their Facebook accounts and share content from the app with their friends through Facebook’s News Feed. Facebook says Connect has been implemented by over 6,000 websites since it was announced last May.

The iPhone is the first mobile platform to get full Facebook Connect support – and we think it’s going to be big. (iPhone apps also work on the iPod Touch, which some app developers report higher traffic on than the iPhone itself.) While a couple iPhone apps from SGN and Zynga have authenticated through Facebook Connect via the web, this is the first native iPhone app support we’ve seen. Now, users will be able to easily connect with Facebook friends through iPhone apps & games.

Here’s how the first apps with Facebook Connect for iPhone live look:

Binary Game (as first spotted by KRAPPS)

Who Has the Biggest Brain for iPhone (Playfish)

Who Has the Biggest Brain for iPhone, users can connect through their Facebook account and continue playing Playfish’s classic game on their iPhone anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Whrrl (as first spotted by Kevin Foreman)

Agency Wars (SGN)

SGN’s new Agency Wars lets players see when their friends are live online and interact with them in real time.

This morning, Facebook’s Dave Morin takes to the stage at SXSW to discuss “The Search for a More Social Web.” Perhaps he will be discussing Facebook Connect for iPhone in more detail!

Update: Dave Morin just confirmed, Facebook Connect for the iPhone is launching today. “Now you can share and play games on the iPhone with friends and family…” The story has been updated with this information.