One Year Later, Facebook Connect Goes Live On Digg

At last year’s annual f8 event, Digg came on stage to announce that they would be officially supporting Facebook Connect. Almost one year later, support has finally gone live. We’ve take a look and it’s a pretty basic integration. Essentially you can login using your Facebook account and whenever you Digg an article, you are prompted with the option of publishing that Digg to your feed. I haven’t yet figured out if new Diggs will be published twice if you had previously imported your Digg account.

Kevin Rose announced the service this afternoon on the Digg blog. In addition to publishing your Diggs to Facebook, you can also publish comments and new submissions to your personal feed. It’s definitely a great addition for Digg in that they get more exposure but I’m not quite sure how this is the “Future of Digg” as Jay Adelson called it at Web 2.0 Expo.

Most interesting is that many of Digg’s features are already built into Facebook. With Facebook’s open feed, there are already many opportunities to duplicate much of Digg’s functionality into other applications. For example a news article aggregator which track what Facebook users are sharing most. Regardless of the potential for duplicating many of Digg’s features, Facebook clearly has a lot to gain from the launch of Digg’s Facebook Connect support.

Some had previously suggested that the company would get increased news feed presence through a negotiation with Facebook. Thanks to the Facebook redesign, there is now much less emphasis on optimizing for news feed visibility since all stories get published. It will be interesting to see how many Digg users end up integrating with Facebook Connect.