Facebook Launches New Tools To Combat Compromised Accounts

This afternoon Facebook released new tools to help those individuals that have had their Facebook accounts compromised by spammers and hackers. In order to protect those users, Facebook has added a new tool that lets users regain control of their accounts. I currently receive at least 50 emails a day from people who have had their account disabled for one reason or another, many of which are the result of spammers or hackers.

According to Facebook:

We’ve spent the last few months improving the way to guide people through the process of regaining access to their account after it’s been compromised and used to send spam. Currently, we send emails explaining what happened and provide links to remedy the situation. Now we’re moving towards a new model that also involves clear and simple steps taken within Facebook itself. In doing so, we can ensure that the person logging in is the true owner of the account, thereby preventing hackers from using it to send spam in the future.

It’s great to see Facebook adding these additional features to help users regain control of their account more efficiently. Facebook gets thousands of emails a day from users who have issues with their accounts and without these automated tools, it’s causing more troubles for Facebook. To help users, and make life a little easier for Facebook’s support team they’ve introduced these new tools.

You can read more about them on the Facebook blog post from this afternoon.

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