Where To Complain To Facebook About The Changes

So you've complained in your status updates, comments and wall posts. Now, here's how to complain directly to Facebook about the homepage changes.

Do you have a complaint about new features or glitches on the social network? Here’s a way to make sure that someone who works for Facebook reads your beef.

A page labeled Your Home Page Suggestion may have originally been designed for actual technical problems with users’ news feeds, as hinted at by the text in the screen grab below; but it’s the go-to place for letting Facebook know what you think about the latest changes to the site?

And there has certainly been no shortage of commentary about the host of changes Facebook just rolled out.

The suggestion box can be accessed by entering the help center, and then selecting “browse Help Topics,” then “news feed,” and finally clicking the last link on the page.

Incidentally, there are now two ways to get to the help center on every single screen within Facebook. The new addition shows up in a pull-down menu accessed by clicking on a small white triangle in the upper-right corner of all pages on Facebook; this supplements the previously existing link on the word “help” that appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Readers, what suggestions do you have about the news feed?

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