Facebook Disables Comment Links On Profiles

Facebook has taken a dramatic step, to cut down on spam (as far as we can tell): they’ve turned off the automatic linking of URLs within feed story comments. It’s a significant step as the company has spent the past month vigorously battling a large attack from spammers and hackers who have been attempting to prey unsuspecting users. While we’d assume that this is a temporary change as Facebook looks to cut down on the current rise in spam, it’s clearly underlies how big of a problem spam has become for Facebook.

We’ve reached out to Facebook for a comment on the issue, however we think it’s pretty obvious why Facebook would take such a step. After yesterday’s massive breach which resulted in the widespread distribution of a survey worm, Facebook is taking all precautions to stop spammers from attacking the site.

While there’s no doubt that the battle between Facebook and spammers will continue to rage on for some period of time, Facebook knows how critical blocking spam is for ensuring that the company doesn’t damage its reputation. It watched MySpace essentially collapse from an onslaught of spam, and while it’s now many times larger than MySpace, they want to do everything possible to prevent a similar experience from taking place again.

We’re still waiting on a confirmation from Facebook that spam was the reason for turning off comment links. Have you noticed this happening on your profile as well?

No Links Screenshot