Facebook Code Provides Sneak Peak Into SocialAds

An update to Facebook’s CSS code has confirmed that Facebook’s new ad system is indeed called “SocialAds.” A combination of CSS and a little bit of guessing helps to provide a glimpse of what Social Ads may look like. Social Ads appear to have a very similar look to Facebook flyers. The combination of text and images provide a simple ad somewhat similar to Google ads but with the added option of images. It appears that users will also be able to click thru to other ads that are targeted at the user.

While this is an educated guess at how the ads will look based on the CSS that is provided, it is pretty obvious that these ads are intended to be placed within the sidebar of the site. There is a CSS class called “social_ad_profile” as well which makes me question whether Facebook has decided to embed advertising within user profiles as well. Any ads that are embedded within user profiles will be a significant change for a site that is known for maintaining a clean user interface unencumbered by excess advertising that MySpace has long been known for.

Facebook is supposed to be announcing their new social ads program this Tuesday. According to other sources they may be announcing their new music service in addition to spawning a mullet pandemic, so watch out! It will be interesting to see what news comes out of the highly secretive Facebook event given that all attendees are forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. Previously, non-disclosure agreements didn’t stop people from leaking rumors about Google’s OpenSocial system so I can’t imagine that it would be any different for Facebook’s upcoming event.

One of my readers pointed me to yet another screenshot of future Social Ads integration. Apparently, Social Ads will show up as one of your newsfeed items and you will be able to view all of them via your Social Ads newsfeed page. It is beginning to appear that Social Ads is a combination of all the projects that are currently under development at Facebook including the mullet pandemic. Facebook has been slowly leaving clues leading up to their announcement on Tuesday. (Thanks to David for the heads up).

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