Facebook/CNN Partnership Posts Phenomenal Results

The inauguration of Barack Obama has already brought about significant change in this country and Facebook in partnership with CNN were able to cover the inauguration in its entirety. Millions of people logged in to share the experience with their friends around the globe. As of 1:15 pm Eastern, Facebook and CNN posted some impressive results:

  • Over 600,000 status updates were posted through the CNN.com Live Facebook feed
  • There was an average of 4,000 status updates per minute during the inaugural broadcast
  • During the inaugural speech there were over 8,500 status updates per minute
  • Obama’s fan page has now surpassed 4 million fans and 500,000 wall posts

It was an impressive showing and being able to share the experience with friends worldwide was most definitely a first. During the stream, I noted that we’ve come a long way since the beginning of internet video in that there appeared to be very few buffering issues. Part of that may have been due to CNN running a separate stream for their online coverage domestically.

Internationally, viewers that were able to log in to the site were able to watch the same stream that CNN television viewers were watching in the United Sates. This was most definitely an amazing experience, highlighting the power of real-time communication combined with live television streams. I believe this is truly the interactive television of the future.

Were you able to log in to the stream and watch the inauguration live? What were your thoughts?

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