Facebook Clarifies Issue on TOS

Earlier this week a raucus erupted concerning Facebook when Consumerists reported that the number one social networking site has apparently modified its Terms of Services which would have a great impact on how we all participate in Facebook. Perhaps realizing that it has earned the ire of Facebook users (you can check out the Techmeme coverage to see how big the buzz this has created among tech bloggers), no less than Mark Zuckerberg announced on the companies blog that the old TOS replaced the new one temporarily.

In his post, Zuckerberg admitted that there are some wordings in the edited TOS which may be a bit vague and that has caused the raucus. So it is but logical for Facebook to do something about it and that is to bring back the old TOS. But he also said that Facebook is still bent on modifying the TOS but it will have to go through a longer process. They would have to be careful and be cautious in wording the new TOS so as to be clear to the 175 million Facebook users who really mind the TOS.

Zuckerberg is also asking us Facebook users to take part in drafting this new TOS by providing our inputs to the ongoing process. Remember, this TOS will govern how we are going to use Facebook in the future. And this is the right opportunity to tell Zuckerberg and his company how we want to be guided in using his social network.

Facebook has opened the Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities group for all of us to air our concern.