The 10 Most Useful Facebook Extensions For Google Chrome

When Google chrome was first released publicly on September 2, 2008, it quickly gained market share of 1% despite the ongoing development of other browsers and the dominance of Firefox & Internet explorer. But the real surge started with the beta launch of its extensions gallery a couple of months ago in December 2009. Barely in 8 weeks, the extensions have grown from 300 to over 2000+ and are contributing to Chrome’s rising share.

Yesterday, Google also announced that the latest version of Chrome now supports Greasmonkey scripts, which means there are now 40,000 more extensions for Chrome. We’ve listed 10 of the most popular and useful Chrome extensions for Facebook that you should check out!


Perhaps it has got something to do with the name itself, the Facebook extension for Google chrome is one of the most popular extensions with over 34,000 weekly downloads.

It works exactly like your normal Facebook site, but the mobile catchy interface doesn’t make you feel like running a heavy website. The ‘4’ global tabs are quick to load and according to us, it is worth a try if you want to do the basic stuff like updating your status messages, checking friend activity and chatting with them.

Facebook Dashboard

It is a compact Facebook dashboard utility with an automatically updating counter which basically comprises of two tabs – one for you and the other one meant for your friends. With the ‘Me’ tab you can update your Facebook status while for ‘Friends’ the dashboard application performs smart tasks like: tracking their new activities and messages sent by them. You can set the timer update value for the extension which ranges between 1 minute & 60 minutes.


With over 9,000 weekly installs Ibrii is the like the Clipmarks for Google chrome users who love Facebook. Through Ibrii you can share links, images and video items on Facebook. When you click on the Ibrii icon in your browser window it loads in the sidebar of Google chrome. Now if you want to share an image for example, if you simply to have to left-click on it and drag it to your sidebar window.

Although, Facebook has its own sharing feature, we think that this is tad better when it comes to working with Google chrome.

Facebook Share

Another extension that scores over the normal share button by allowing easy content sharing. Facebook Share makes sharing of news-items and other stories simple with a just a single-click of share icon in the Google chrome window. If you click on the ‘share’ icon, it directly takes you to your profile window with a snippet of the news-story or article.

Facebook Fixer

It is an enhancement plug-in to improve your Facebook browsing experience. It enlarges all the pictures, provides improved viewing of albums with links to download videos. You can also see the age of your friends in their profile pages.

Facebook Beautifier

It adds an extra punch to your Facebook experience with a range of short-cut keys, trendy design and best-of-all it categorizes everything into rounded rectangles. One thing is for sure, if you install it all your friends will look at your browser window with envy !

Facebook Color Changer

Although from the name it appears that allows you to change the color of Facebook to your favorite color, on testing we found out that it only supports the black color. Try this one out if you are a lover of color black and are tired of the lazy menu system 🙂


So you want to paint your Facebook town pink and do that for a noble cause? The PinkBook extension was designed to turn Facebook Pink for a Day and Sherry Grevenstuk who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.

Facebook Cleaner

Acts like a double cleaning application which not only gets rid of all the sidebar alerts like friend suggest but also clears the sponsored & displays ads in your user profile. It works in a simple way, you are provided with ‘4’ checkboxes which you can select to control the appearance settings of the ads and other alerts.

Facebook ads remove

While Firefox has AdBlock Plus, Chrome is also not far behind with Facebook ads remove. You need to install this extension and it will simply hide all the ads that keep appearing in your Facebook account for every page or profile that you visit.

Did we miss your favorite extension for Facebook? Feel free to add your two cents through the comments section.