Times Square Led Facebook Check-Ins Last New Year’s Eve

New York’s Times Square is the unofficial epicenter of New Year’s Eve celebrations, so it comes as no surprise that it led Facebook in check-ins last New Year’s Eve.

New York’s Times Square is the unofficial epicenter of New Year’s Eve celebrations, so it comes as no surprise that it led Facebook in check-ins last New Year’s Eve.

Facebook said in an email to SocialTimes that more than 40 million users indicated that they were traveling to or checked in to destinations outside of their home cities, and the top six were:

  1. Times Square, New York
  2. Central World, Bangkok
  3. London
  4. Kaohsiung World Games Main Stadium, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  5. Paris
  6. Dream Mall, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The social network offered details on the top five spots from the more than 440,000 check-ins at Carnival in Brazil in 2015, adding that the 2016 edition is set for Feb. 5 through 10:

  1. Rio de Janeiro
  2. São Paulo
  3. Salvador
  4. Recife
  5. Praia do Forte, Cabo FrÍo

Finally, Facebook provided a list of the top six destinations checked into by European users traveling within Europe this past summer:

  1. London
  2. Paris
  3. Istanbul
  4. Barcelona, Spain
  5. Berlin
  6. Amsterdam

And the social network offered tips of how Facebook can be a valuable resource for users planning their next vacation:

Use Facebook Search to tap your network for destination ideas: You can use Facebook’s search functionality to browse posts from friends and pages you follow. Looking for a specific kind of vacation? Try phrases like “ski” or “beach” to see posts from friends of recent trips they’ve taken, or try something more specific—like “Hawaii”—to get ideas for specific attractions and travel guides from your favorite pages.

Get friend-fueled context on your next destination using City Guides: If you’ve already decided on a place to go, use Facebook’s City Guides to get ideas about what to do and see there. For each city, you’ll be able to see a list of popular attractions, recommended places to eat, upcoming local events, information about nearby cities and a list of friends who have been there, making it easy to instantly message them and pick their brain about their favorite spots.

Browse lists of local restaurants bars and hotels, organized by reviews from friends and others: Get ready to eat your way around your chosen destination by reading reviews and ratings of restaurants in the area. Each restaurant page on Facebook includes a reviews section at the top. There, you can browse star ratings and reviews from friends who have been there and glean some inside intel about what to order when you go (don’t forget to try the foie gras!). You can simply search with a phrase like, “Restaurants in San Francisco” or access a list of a city’s restaurants on its City Guides page.

Readers: Where will you be for New Year’s Eve?

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