Facebook Lets Users Check In to Events via the Touch Site, Soon the iPhone

Facebook users can now check in to Facebook Events they’re currently attending through the touch.facebook.com site and soon through the Facebook for iPhone app. When users are in geographic proximity to the address of an Event during its run-time, they’ll see a “Check In” button that publishes a news feed story to their friends stating “[Name] is at [Event].” Users will no longer have to create a new Places page or add the name of an Event to a checkin’s description when they want to tell friends they’re at a specific party, concert, or other gathering.

By allowing Places checkins to Events, Facebook may be able to cross-promote the two features, inspiring users to RSVP and check in more often. It will also draw attention to Events that are in progress, and give Event promoters another way to gauge success. The ‘Attending’ RSVP count isn’t an accurate way to determine foot traffic, as many people say they’ll attend, or not, then do the opposite.

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