Facebook Chat Open to All Within Weeks

Over the weekend chat finally turned on for me. I’ve been playing around with it some and have found it to be a useful tool so far. I reached out to Facebook to find out how many networks now have access and while they could comment on existing networks they said that Facebook will be open for all within a few weeks. While I don’t have an exact date, I know it will be soon.

Many have complained that they aren’t able to access chat yet. I provided a quick hack the other day to get a sneak peak but unfortunately it wasn’t a good solution if you wanted to use the tool on a regular basis. After using chat for a while, the one thing that I’ve found a little challenging is the lack of notifications of new messages.

While a the title of the page changes via a tab in my browser, there is no sound made to alert me to the new message. By the time I get to messages, the person who contacted me is typically gone. Then again, I could theoretically use chat in a separate window. For now, I’m going to stick with my current chat solutions. There is enough noise in my life for one person to deal with. Have you been provided access to chat yet? What network are you in?