Facebook Chat Adding Sound

Tired of not being notified when you receive a new message within Facebook chat? If you are like the majority of users and not already using Digsby to login to your Facebook chat, you probably don’t know when you are receiving new messages. Aside from having an updated page title within the tab in your browser there is no way to know if you’ve received a new message. Google’s way around this within their Gmail chat is to provide a notifying sound that alerts you to new messages.

Apparently Facebook has plans of a similar feature. There is currently a setting hidden within the site’s html that says “Play sound for new messages.” That’s pretty useful and something I figured they would have implemented when the chat first launched. As I’ve written over at the Social Times, I have decided to start using Digsby as my chat client. It works great. For those that don’t want to install another application on their computer though, this new sound notification could be a much welcomed feature.

Then again for those that receive a dozen new messages once they log on to the site, this may not be a feature that they truly enjoy. I know I surely get tired of hearing the notification bell from Gchat every time I receive a message. Fortunately you can select whether or not the sound will play. Are you happy to see this new feature on Facebook chat?