Facebook Changing Picture Sizes

A picture may still be worth 1,000 words, but it will be sized differently on Facebook starting Wednesday.

The Facebook Developers team announced that it would increase the maximum size of photos on the social-networking site to 720 pixels from 604 for a limited number of users, while at the same time decreasing the maximum size of profile pictures to 180 pixels by 540 pixels from 200 by 600.

The post read:

Starting this Wednesday, Jan. 20, we’re increasing the size of the largest photo a user can upload to 720 pixels (up from 604). We’re releasing this feature to a limited set of users, and will slowly release it to all users over the next three weeks.

If you’re querying the photo FQL table or using photos.get to return the src_big image, you’ll need to accommodate for the larger size of these images when styling your application or site.

We’ll send out another update to the Platform Live Status feed when we release this feature to all of our users.

In the next few weeks, we’re also changing the size of the largest profile picture to 180 pixels wide by 540 pixels high (down from 200 pixels by 600 pixels). Keep this smaller size in mind if you are getting the pic_big image from the user FQL table or users.getInfo, or are rendering the normal profile picture with fb:profile-pic.