Facebook Changes "Delete Account" Wording, Web Goes Crazy

Facebook is currently testing a new wording and interface for letting users delete their accounts and the web has gone crazy like Facebook has made things a whole lot easier. Guess what? They haven’t. The company is simply testing new wording and a slightly different interface. Facebook wasn’t willing to use those words when we spoke to them earlier, however they did try to emphasize the fact that there is really nothing new here.

Even worse? Nobody has a screenshot of this “brand new” feature. It definitely goes to show one thing: people care about how easily they can delete their accounts! While users can’t really delete their accounts that much more easily, Facebook’s wording may have made things a little more obvious. At least obvious enough that hundreds of thousand of people are talking about it. Have you seen any new “Delete Account” wording?
Oh and in case you were wondering, you have been able to delete your Facebook account for a long time now. You can go here.