Facebook censoring “Facebook” groups?

A friend pointed out something interesting to me today: Go to Facebook Groups and search for “Facebook” and check out what’s returned–nothing.

But this seems a little odd, because “Facebook” groups clearly exist. For example, the Anti Facebook News Feeds Group has almost 1,000 members. Even very “pro-Facebook” groups like Facebook for Business (which has almost 1,300 members) are invisible. By contrast, search for “MySpace” or “Google” and hundreds of groups show up. If Facebook is blocking any group with the name “Facebook” from showing up in search results, that’s fair game for accusations of censorship.

Facebook must be worried about users “rioting” about Platform and applications like they did when News Feeds was released.

But if Facebook is so passionate about “facilitating the flow of information”, why are they blocking the flow of information when it means negative press? As a predominant communication platform for millions of people, I believe Facebook has a social responsibility to allow equal access to the communication channels they provide no matter what the message is (as long as it’s legal).


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