Facebook, Causes Helping to Get Out the Vote on Election Day

It’s election day in the US, and Facebook is buzzing with election-related activity. On the home page this morning, Facebook greeted US users with a voter count and the opportunity to publish a feed item encouraging friends to vote:

As of 10am PT, nearly 2 million users had already shared that they voted with their friends on Facebook.

Millions of Facebook users have also “donated their status” to the Causes application to remind their friends to vote. Causes is publishing messages like the following for users who authorized the app to publish a status message for them on election day:

As of 10am PT, over 1.5 million Facebook users had donated their status to Causes. Over 14 million users have partipated in Causes in the last 30 days leading up to the election:

Clearly, Facebook and Facebook applications are playing a major role in getting out the vote this year.