CastleVille Is Facebook's Fastest Growing Application

Zynga shows no signs of slowing down, and the developer's newest hit kicks off December on top of the countdown. The real story though, is the advancement of the social news applications that continue to gain steam after noteworthy finishes last Wednesday.

Zynga shows no signs of slowing down, and the developer’s newest hit kicks off December on top of the countdown. The real story though, is the advancement of the social news applications that continue to gain steam after noteworthy finishes last Wednesday.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Apps

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. CastleVille8,100,00026,500,0007,800,000
2. The Independent390,0002,700,0001,200,000
3. Washington Post Social Reader270,0004,700,000900,000
4. 21 Preguntas490,0001,000,000820,000
5. YouTube1,900,0004,000,000700,000
6. Fortune Cookie360,0001,800,000600,000
7. Spotify3,200,0009,600,000600,000
8. Bubble Witch Saga3,200,0009,200,000500,000
9. Profile Banner (All Languages)340,0002,300,000500,000
10. Static Iframe Tab980,00028,200,000500,000
11. Tetris Battle2,400,0007,900,000550,000
12. Gem Rush130,000600,000420,000
13. 21 Questions760,00011,500,000400,000
14. JibJab180,0001,800,000400,000
15. schoolFeed790,0002,300,000400,000
16. Skype2,400,00010,300,000400,000
17. Static Iframe Tab: ThumbsUp Icon310,0005,500,000400,000
18. Yahoo13,900,00019,800,000400,000
19. Voxer Walkie Talkie70,000730,000330,000
20. Between You And Me230,0004,300,000300,000


With a commanding lead over the countdown, CastleVille begins the month the same way it ended December; a 7.8 million weekly growth increase makes the Zynga-created game the fastest growing application on Facebook.

Moving one place forward from its previous ranking, Bubble Witch Saga is found in seventh persuading 500,000 more gamers. Tetris Battle springs forward to 11th after a 500,000 seven day user gain.

Another newer addition to Facebook, from developer OMGPOP, Gem Rush ends in the 12th position after 420,000 additions.


Making an aggressive move forward, social readership on the The Independent increases by 1.2 million viewers – a nine position advancement to second. Maintaining its ranking in third after a 900,000 weekly growth total, Washington Post Social Reader is in third yet again.

Unfortunately for the search engine, Yahoo‘s previous success cannot be emulated; 400,000 social networkers using Facebook accounts is an 18th place week.


Leading off this trend in fourth, the Spanish 21 Preguntas has 820,000 Facebook friends telling a few simple secrets to one another. The English version is found sloping negatively after a smaller 400,000 increase – a 13th position week.

A dramatic eight place drop for Between You And Me leaves it struggling to maintain its position as a fastest growing app; a 300,000 increase leaves it lingering in 20th.


The new design from YouTube aids in its high placement on the countdown in fifth after a 700,000 finish. Increasing to seventh, Spotify gives 600,000 more music lovers the opportunity to share their favorite tunes on Facebook.

The season of holiday cards is upon us, and it will be interesting to continue to watch JibJab‘s placement in the coming month. After a 400,000 weekly growth rally, the app succeeds in a comeback, ranking in 14th.

Taking the term connect more literally, SchoolFeed aims to bring together classmates through the social network. After an extended absence, the app returns near the end of the semester in the 15th spot gaining 400,000 adds.

Skype connects 400,000 newly synched accounts and finds itself decreasing in placement to the 16th position.

For Fun

In sixth, Fortune Cookie returns and develops fortunes for 600,000 people. Profile Banner still manages to be a top ten victor after 500,000 additions – a ninth place end.

Newcomer chattering tool, Voxer’s Walkie Talkie finds a home in 19th offering a variety of “just for fun” tools for 330,000 Facebook users.

Page Tools

Woobox carries the weight of the trend yet again. Cutting the countdown in half, Static iFrame Tab cuts the countdown in half amassing a tabs built and view total of 500,000.

We close with Static iFrame Tab: Thumbs Up Icon appearing in 17th with a 400,000 weekly growth total in 17th.

Readers, do you have opinions and reviews on any of the week’s fastest growing apps?