Facebook Careers Posts: Research, Communications, Commerce, Intellectual Property and More

Facebook is looking for people to fill positions in content strategy, research, communication, commerce, intellectual property, a few positions in Latin America, online sales and market solutions, according to listings recently added to the company’s Careers page this week.

A couple Software Engineering positions point to Facebook’s growing Credits and e-commerce businesses. The Commerce Infrastructure and Commerce Platform software engineering positions will be based in Palo Alto. “Together with the accelerating digital goods and services industry, Facebook Credits usage is growing rapidly, so there will be plenty of challenges across the stack,” the listings say.

The Manager of Facebook Research is set to be part of the Design and User Experience team helping Facebook drive the “overall strategy and operations of the research team.” This person will oversee taking research to the next step by partnering with production development and “unlock the potential of Facebook.” Perks include an equity stake in Facebook and gourmet meals served thrice daily. Design and User Experience is also seeking a Manager of Content Strategy to help guide the company’s content management team based in Palo Alto, Calif.

The Communications team is looking for an Associate Manager of Policy Communications to work in either Palo Alto or Washington, D.C. This position is set to focus on policy, privacy, safety and security issues and work with government agencies, public officials and advocacy groups. Requisites include being strong writings, tech and political experience and press relations.

Facebook is also seeking an Associate Manager for Privacy and Intellectual Property – User Operations to help the company “build and scale” that part of the business. The person who’s hired will manage two teams of people managing incoming privacy and intellectual property violations.

There were also some interesting jobs opening up in Sales and Business Development. The Director for Online Sales and Operations, Asia-Pacific and Latin America to be based in Palo Alto and work on refining the company’s advertising model in these regions, specifically, to scale Facebook’s advertising system to fit these regions. Then, the Head of Online Sales Account Management, also based in Palo Alto, is to be asked to help guide Facebook’s strategy for its largest online advertisers and mid-market brands.

Finally, two Platform and Product positions based in Palo Alto are geared towards helping make Facebook relevant both as an advertising platform and venue for marketing for automotive and retail brands. The Strategist for Market Solutions (Autos) is set to position Facebook “as a critical element in the marketing mix” by partnering with Sales to provide solutions for auto brands, develop messaging and market strategies specifically for these clients and demonstrate the value of Facebook to these clients. The Retail Strategist for Market Solutions similarly partners with Sales to create venues for retailers to market on Facebook.