Facebook Careers Postings: Singapore, São Paulo, Engineering, Marketing, Communication and More

Facebook is looking to make several hires at its Singapore and São Paulo offices this week, according to its Careers Page and LinkedIn feed. A few interesting jobs were added on the Careers Page, such as Internet Threat Researcher, Malware Researcher, a Communications Manager and a Public Policy person in Brazil, also a Compliance Manager for financial and legal compliance in the Palo Alto, California office. See the rest of the list for more.

Posts added this week on Facebook’s Careers Page:

  • Internet Threat Researcher
  • Malware Research
  • Oracle Applications DBA
  • Communications Manager
  • Public Policy and Communications Manager (Sao Paulo)
  • Group Technical Program Manager
  • Director, Business Operations (Global Direct Sales)
  • Compliance Manager (Palo Alto)
  • Account Manager, Gaming (Palo Alto)
  • International Client Partner (Milan)
  • Head of Sales Training (New York)
  • Analyst, Online Sales Operations – Italian (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Payment Operations – Turkish (Dublin)
  • Analyst, User Operations – Spanish (Palo Alto) – Contractor
  • Monetization Product Marketing – Sales and Marketing Solutions
  • Product Marketing Manager, Ads
  • Strategic Partner Development, Technology & Communications
  • Software Engineer, Tools

Jobs posted by Facebook on LinkedIn:

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