Facebook Careers Postings: Intellectual Property Counsel, Policy Communications, and More

Some interesting new job posts from Facebook’s Career Page have come up since the last time we looked at Facebook’s Careers Page.

Perhaps most intriguing is a post for a Intellectual Property Counsel. The hire will work closely with the company’s brand marketing team, as well as to oversee “outside counsel handling trademark prosecution, enforcement, and IP litigation.”

Facebook has been busy filing for and receiving patents for features like the news feed, but so far it has hinted that it doesn’t plan to aggressively enforce this IP. However, it has a long track record of going after companies that use the “____book” term and other types of alleged trademark infringements — the counsel position promises more of the same focus.

Specific duties listed in the posting include: The prosecution of Facebook’s trademark portfolio, intellectual property litigation, trademark and domain name enforcement, licensing of the company’s trademarks and copyrighted content, assistance with IP guidance in commercial transactions and support for product teams.

Requirements include four to eight years of experience, knowledge of “web 2.0 and social networking” and a law degree from “a top law school.”

Public Policy Communications

Facebook is also looking to increase its public policy communications team in the US and around the world. In addition to outstanding postings for public policy positions in Washington, DC and India, it’s trying to fill a new position in Europe: “an experienced Manager, Privacy and Policy, to monitor legislative and regulatory matters at EU and member state level, participate in policy discussions, and lead the company’s interactions with the European Commission and governments in several EU countries.”

Governments across the world, including the US, EU and India, are scrutinizing Facebook’s privacy and security practices more closely.

Marketing and Sales

Facebook’s post for a Marketing Campaign Manager was also interesting. The company is looking for someone to manage one of the largest advertising accounts — Facebook’s own, in-house campaigns. The person filling this position will work with many teams within Facebook and also external partners, such as child safety organizations, non-profits and voter registration groups.

Ideally the candidate is an “on-person ad agency.” The part-time contractor position of 25-30 hours a week is for the the company’s Palo Alto, Calif. offices. Facebook is looking for someone with three to five years of experience who has basic graphic design, copywriting and other pertinent skills.

Facebook also recently listed a number of sales account executive listings for positions in Palo Alto and its Austin, Texas office in the areas of: Entertainment, financial services, gaming, retail, services and travel.

In terms of other listings, Facebook continues to try to fill a wide range of engineering and product jobs — although we haven’t seen any significant new posts in these areas for some time.

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