Facebook Careers Postings: Engineering, Ad Ops, User Ops and More

Facebook added a few categories to its Careers Page this week, including Interns and Co-ops and New Grads, Masters & PhDs. The categories are designed for current or graduating students, include a way to find more resources based on the campus they attend.

Other jobs were posted by the company on its LinkedIn feed this week, and include several engineering positions, intern, ad operations, user operations and more.

Posts added this week on Facebook’s Careers Page:

  • Software Engineer 1110002
  • Software Engineer, Integrations 1110001
  • Software Engineer, Products (Malaysia)
  • University Intern, Application Operations Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • University Intern, Software Engineer (Menlo Park or Seattle)
  • University Intern, Security Engineer, Security Operations (Menlo Park)
  • University, Analyst, Monetization Analytics (Menlo Park)
  • University, Data Analyst, Internet Marketing (Menlo Park)
  • University, Application Operations Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • University, Developer Support Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • University, Software Engineer (Menlo Park or Seattle)
  • University, Software Engineer, Tools Engineering (Menlo Park or Seattle)
  • University, Business Operations Associate, Finance (Menlo Park)
  • MBA, National Sales Operations, Online Sales Operations (Menlo Park or Austin)
  • MBA, User Operations Manager, Online Operations (Austin)
  • University, Risk Operations Analyst, Online Operations (Austin)
  • University, User Operations Analyst, Online Operations (Austin)
  • University, Security Engineer, Security Operations (Menlo Park)
  • Director of State & Local Public Policy
  • Software Engineer (Contractor)
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Credit and Collections Lead
  • Tax Analyst
  • Account Manager (Hamburg)
  • Account Manager (Paris)
  • Client Partner
  • Client Partner (Hamburg)
  • Client Partner (Milan)
  • Client Partner (Paris)
  • Regional Director Europe (France, Benelux, Switzerland)
  • Regional Director Europe (Germany & Nordics)
  • Client Partner, Polish or Turkish (London)
  • Analyst, Ad Review Operations (Contractor)
  • Associate, Payment Operations
  • Payment Operations Representative (Contract)
  • Specialist, Payment Operations
  • Analyst-User Operations Contractor
  • SMB Marketing Manager (Dublin)
  • Analyst, Monetization (OSO-AM)
  • Developer Support Engineer
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Partner Engineer, Manager (New York)

Jobs posted by Facebook on LinkedIn:

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