Facebook careers: Instagram, developer policy enforcement, global marketing, more

Facebook added 36 new positions to its careers page this week, including a number of openings devoted to Instagram, as well as positions on the engineering, user operations, marketing and business development teams.

The Instagram team is looking to add a front-end engineer to work on the photo sharing service’s web component, as well as a mobile engineer and someone to work on infrastructure. The company is also hiring a product designer and a technology communications manager.

On the Facebook side of things, the company is looking for a tech lead focused on developer policy enforcement. There are also new positions for strategic partner development for media companies and other businesses that could build on the platform. A quantitative research manager will be hired to focus on advertising effectiveness.

New listings added to Facebook’s careers page:

  • Software Engineer, Instagram Front-end (Menlo Park)
  • Software Engineer, Instagram Infrastructure (Menlo Park)
  • Software Engineer, Instagram Mobile (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Technology Communications (Instagram) (Menlo Park)
  • Product Designer, Instagram (Menlo Park)
  • Engineer, People Tools (Menlo Park)
  • Developer Policy Enforcement Tech Lead (Menlo Park)
  • Platform Support Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • Business Operations Associate – SMB (Menlo Park)
  • Business Intelligence Tools Administrator (Menlo Park)
  • Database Engineer (Menlo Park)
  • System Engineer, Applications (Menlo Park)
  • Internal Product Manager People & Recruiting tools (Menlo Park)
  • Recruiting Events Program Manager – Contract (Dublin)
  • UEX/CS Recruiter – Contract (Menlo Park)
  • Data Center Network Technician (Hong Kong – Malaysia – Seoul – Singapore)
  • Editorial Specialist, Global Business Marketing – Contract (Menlo Park)
  • Marketing Manager, Global Vertical Marketing (Menlo Park)
  • Quantitative Research Manager, Advertising Effectiveness (Menlo Park)
  • Marketing Communications Associate (Buenos Aires)
  • Business Development Analyst, Latin America (São Paulo)
  • Services Operations Specialist, Latin America (São Paulo)
  • User Operations Associate, Intellectual Property, German (Dublin)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Media (New York) (New York)
  • Strategic Partner Development, Platform (Menlo Park)
  • Account Manager, Milan (Milan)
  • Client Partner, Czech (Dublin)
  • Client Partner, Gaming (EMEA) (Dublin)
  • Agency Relationship Manager, Global Marketing Solutions (Sydney)
  • Client Partner – Financial Services & Travel, Global Marketing Solutions (Sydney – Melbourne)
  • Client Partner – Retail, Global Marketing Solutions (Sydney – Melbourne)
  • Client Partner Miami (Miami)
  • Head of CPG, Entertainment & Automotive (Sydney)
  • Head of Financial Services & Travel (Sydney)
  • Head of Retail, Technology & Telecommunications (Sydney)
  • Quality Assurance Lead (Menlo Park)

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