Facebook careers: creative solutions, patent counsel, business operations, data center engineers, program managers, more

Facebook added more than three dozen job listings to its careers page this week, including a job for patent litigation counsel, which could be related to a new patent suit brought against the company by the University of California.

The company is also looking for a head of creative solutions for Asia Pacific, technical program managers, several software engineers and data center engineers, as well as some sales and marketing employees.

Posts added this week on Facebook’s Careers Page:

  • Head of Creative Solutions, Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  • Product Marketing Manager, Advertising Interfaces (Menlo Park)
  • Marketing Communications Manager (São Paulo)
  • Software Engineer, Research Tools (Menlo Park)
  • Technical Program Manager, Mobile (Menlo Park)
  • Technical Program Manager, Platform (Menlo Park)
  • Application Engineer, Security (Menlo Park)
  • Software Engineer, Security (New York)
  • Data Scientist (New York)
  • Software Engineer, Ads and Pages (New York)
  • Software Engineer, Mobile (Malaysia) (Malaysia)
  • Software Engineer, Site Integrity (London)
  • Associate, Global Marketing Business Operations (Menlo Park)
  • Business Operations Associate, Finance (Menlo Park)
  • Business Operations, Platform Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Corporate Paralegal (Menlo Park)
  • Employment Counsel (Menlo Park)
  • Patent Litigator (Menlo Park)
  • Data Center Construction Project Manager (Luleå)
  • Site Coordinator (Luleå)
  • Assistant Facility Manager (Prineville)
  • Assistant Facility Manager (Forest City)
  • Chief Facility Engineer (Prineville)
  • Chief Facility Engineer (Forest City)
  • Controls Engineer (Forest City)
  • Controls Engineer (Prineville)
  • Critical Facility Engineer (Forest City)
  • Critical Facility Technician (Prineville)
  • Critical Facility Technician (Forest City)
  • Platform Operations – Contract (Menlo Park)
  • User Operations – Contract (Menlo Park)
  • Associate Account Manager, Retail & E-Commerce – Contract (Austin – Menlo Park)
  • Strategic Partner Development Manager – Platform (London)
  • SMB Growth Specialist (Singapore – Tokyo)
  • Agency Account Specialist (New York)
  • Data Scientist (New York)
  • Associate, Custom Market Insights – NY (New York)

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