Facebook Career Postings: Communications, Partner Engineers, Credits and More

Facebook is seeking partner engineers and a new finance staffer to work with Credits this week, as per the new postings on the Facebook Careers Page.

Further evidence of Facebook’s Credits push comes in the form of a job posted this week, Finance Operations Project Manager of Facebook Payments and Facebook Credits. This position will be based in Palo Alto, Calif. and the company is seeking an experienced person with a background in accounting, finance or business with at least eight years of experience. The candidate will be the “key liaison and coordination point” for all financial operations related to Facebook payments and Credits. It looks like this person will play a role in implementing all finance operations and systems related to payments and Credits.

A Partner Development Manager in Hamburg, Germany will work to help Facebook develop, manage and maintain strategic relationships with partners in Northern Europe. Specifically this includes media, gaming, e-commerce and mobile partners, with the goal being to build the  Facebook ecosystem in the region.

Facebook is seeking a Culture and Communications Lead/Manager to ensure that the company’s corporate culture grows stronger via initiating company-wide conversations about “who we want to be.” The candidate will partner closely with HR and according to the post work on “how our culture can grow and scale; and building and implementing company-wide programs that reflect those conversations.” This will also include stewarding/developing the company’s narrative and stories. There are no specific requirements as far as education and experience for this candidate, rather, a need to be be creative, proactive, communicative and understand Facebook culture.

The posts that were added this week on Facebook’s Page include:

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