Facebook Captures 46% Of Third-Party Logins

In a new study published today by Gigya, Facebook was found to be the most popular third-party login service across all sites, capturing a whopping 46 percent of the market. Also somewhat surprising was that Twitter apparently captures 45% of third-party logins within media sites. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that despite Facebook’s dominance, providing a variety of third-party login services is important to capture all new visitors to a site.

While Facebook has continued to encourage publishers to use their login service, the deprecation of the “Connect” brand has generated at a critical time for the company’s growth. Additionally, Facebook is coming under attack from Twitter and more importantly, Google. Whether or not publishers have figured out which service is best to implement, most sites that have implemented Facebook as a tool for logging in have reported an increased level in engagement.
The report also states that Facebook has captured 52% of entertainment sites. The bottom line is that Facebook has a dominant position when it comes to the digital identity race, however the race is nowhere near being over.