Facebook Campaign Succeeds At Getting Betty White On SNL

Just two weeks after we wrote that SNL was considering putting Betty White on SNL, People magazine has confirmed that the star will appear on the show. While the Facebook Page has stagnated in growth, nearly 500,000 fans joined the movement.

The “Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!” Facebook Page is now filled with congratulatory messages from fans who supported the campaign. It’s impressive that a single Facebook Page about a random celebrity could generate so much buzz and response from the network. It’s truly the new form of interactive programming.

SNL’s executive producer Lorne Michaels denied the initial reports that Betty White would be party of “Women In Comedy” SNL special. Regardless of the episode Betty White appears on, it’s definitely a first for a Facebook Page: getting an existing celebrity on a television show. I wonder what the next Page will be that results in action.

As Lauren Dugan suggested in our last update, this Facebook Page could give rise to an “infinite number of spin-off causes geared towards letting the audience determine the entertainment they want to see.”