Facebook Calls Ceglia's Suit An 'Outrageous Fraud'

Yesterday, Facebook's legal team filed a written response to Ceglia's lawsuit with the U.S District Court in Buffalo, N.Y.

Facebook’s legal team called the amended lawsuit filed by Paul Ceglia a “brazen and outrageous fraud on the court.”

Yesterday, Facebook’s legal team filed a written response to Ceglia’s lawsuit with the U.S District Court in Buffalo, N.Y. As the New York Times quoted from it:

This lawsuit is a brazen and outrageous fraud on the court. Plaintiff is an inveterate scam artist whose misconduct extends across decades and borders. His latest and most far-reaching fraud is the amended complaint filed in this action, which is based upon a doctored contract and fabricated evidence. Plaintiff alleges that he recently “discovered” a purported contract that now supposedly entitles him to ownership of 50 percent of Zuckerberg’s interest in Facebook. The purported contract was signed in 2003, yet plaintiff waited until 2010 to file this action – a seven-year delay during which plaintiff remained utterly silent while Facebook grew into one of the world’s best-known companies. Plaintiff has now come out of the woodwork seeking billions in damages.

The lawyers for the social networking site have admitted that Zuckerberg did meet with Ceglia and in fact had a written agreement but for another unrelated project — StreetFax.com.

The company is also accusing Ceglia of cutting and pasting his StreetFax.com contract in order to produce the Facebook one. Zuckerberg denies all of the email exchanges that Ceglia is alleging were connected to Facebook.

Facebook’s legal eagles are requesting that the court dismiss Ceglia’s complaint “with prejudice” and force him to pay all attorneys’ fees.

When a business venture is wildly successful, folks tend to come out of the woodwork with their hands extended.

Readers, what do you think the outcome of Ceglia’s case will be?