Facebook Called Biggest Threat For Mobile Malware

BitDefender considers social networks, including Facebook, to represent the biggest threat for malware on mobile devices.

Malware targeting Facebook seems to embrace all platforms equally, but social media may be the biggest threat for introducing these nefarious applications on mobile devices, based on an analysis by the security vendor BitDefender.

BitDefender analyzed traffic during a malware attack on Facebook and found that 24 percent of it came from mobile devices. The security vendor considers that percentage to mean that social networks could be the biggest threat for this platform, or at least that’s what the company’s Threat Intelligence Team Leader George Petre said in today’s pess release:

When data security researchers focus on finding malware specifically designed for mobile platforms, they lose sight of an important mobile platform threat source — the social network. Statistics indicate that malware targeting social networks may be the biggest current threat for mobile devices, and BitDefender can help users stay safe against these types of threats.

Petre had arrived at his conclusion by studying the clickthroughs on a Facebook scam that teased “CLICK HERE to see the status update that got a girl expelled from school!” This one got 28,672 clickthoughs, and almost one quarter of them came from mobile devices.

Does the nature of the mobile device make the holder of it more vulnerable to clicking through on a malware scheme? Should the wireless carriers take more responsibility for protecting people from these things or is it Facebook’s responsibility?