Facebook For Business Aims to Boost Advertising

Facebook for Business offers companies a how-to guide to marketing and advertising on the social network.

A new Facebook page offers businesses a how-to guide to marketing and advertising on the social network.

Facebook for Business is a basic subsite that outlines a step-by-step process for launching a marketing plan, and includes both paid and earned media opportunities that businesses can leverage. Facebook breaks down the process along these lines:

  1. Build a presence
  2. Engage your community
  3. Get the word out

Familiar tools such as pages, ads, sponsored stories, deals, places and social plug-ins are all mentioned as resources businesses can incorporate into their Facebook presence to boost their image and drive traffic.

The Facebook page further breaks down each of these tools into easily digestible steps, making it easier for a reader to understand how to get each tool up and running.

The Facebook for Business site follows another initiative launched in the spring, Facebook Studio, that also helped explain advertising on Facebook.

From what we can tell, the dedicated page is a good idea, especially for a small business, consultants or a “mom and pop” store.

Given the positive data on the effectiveness of Facebook advertising, we think anything that makes it easy for businesses to market on Facebook is worthwhile, even a site that’s as straightforward as Facebook for Business.

The timing is a bit curious, given a recent report by TBG Digital that finds Facebook advertising is up 104 percent in the second quarter of 2011 as compared to the first quarter. We wonder why the social network would go to the trouble of launching a new effort designed to boost advertising when revenues are up?

The answer could lie in the positive buzz surrounding the launch of Google Plus.

What do you think about the Facebook for Business site?